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Are these maps 2D or 3D?

All of the maps that we sell have a flat, 2D surface.

While physically flat, the maps themselves display beautiful dimensionality, in our perhaps-biased opinion. Read more about which material options offer the most dimensionality here.

Do you offer maps with custom sizes?

Yes. Email us at for details.

Do you offer maps of custom locations?

We don’t offer the ability to choose your own map locations.

Each map we create takes a good amount of work to put together in a way we’re happy with. It would be too expensive to build a map for only one customer, unfortunately. We wish we could!

Where do you get the data to create these maps?

We use a variety of sources. They include different state-level organizations, the USGS, and NOAA. We love and are thankful for all of the data currently being produced and published!

When will I receive my order?

Your map is made to order in the USA and will arrive in 1 to 2 weeks.

See our shipping policy for more details.