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Map Material Options

We spent months researching, printing, re-printing, and deliberating over which display materials we should offer. We hope that you’ll like the options we selected.

  1. 1 Face Mounted Acryclic Glass
  2. 2 Wood Mounted
  3. 3 Aluminum
  4. 4 Loose Print
My first reaction was, "Wow!" As a photographer I know it's hard to see a sample online and then grasp how it translates to the finished printed product, but the quality of the print is extremely professional.

Face Mounted Acrylic Glass

This one is our personal favorite, but is a little pricier. This option begs to be well-lit. When you look at the map from different angles, the colors of different parts of the map change slightly and it shines as if the terrain were real.

It has the most pronounced impression of three-dimensionality in our lineup.

The acrylic also reveals the most fine detail on close inspection. When you look at it from the side, you can see refractions of the map in the diamond polished edges of the acrylic.

What is it?

A print on metallic photographic paper face-mounted to a ¼” thick piece of acrylic with a diamond polished edge. The print is pressed directly onto the acrylic glass, which means there are no air gaps that can cause additional reflections, like with a traditional print behind a frame and glass.

The back is mounted to a piece of dibond (2 sheets of aluminum with a solid polyethylene core) for stability. Kiln dried douglas fir floats your map 3/4″ from the wall and includes a hanging wire for easy display.

Caring for acrylic maps

We include an acrylic cleaner and a microfiber wipe with your print to wipe away any fingerprints. It is important that you never use glass cleaners like windex on the map, as this will damage the acrylic.

Try to avoid touching the map and displaying it in direct sunlight. If you avoid those, it will maintain its vibrance for decades.

Wood Mounted

The wood mounted map has a rustic, understated, and classy feel to it. This option looks great in the widest range of lighting setups. It feels the most natural and physical of all of the options. The wood mounted map has a matte finish, so it reflects less light than the other options.

What is a wood mounted map?

A print on metallic photographic paper, mounted to a ¾” thick birch backing. Each birch wood panel is sanded and stained for a gallery quality appearance.

The recessed wood and wire mounting setup floats your map ¾” off of your wall.

Caring for wood mounted maps

The print has a matte laminate on top to help protect it from wear and to prevent unwanted reflections. But you still should avoid touching it.

Like all of our options, try to avoid placing the map in direct sunlight. With a minimum of care it should last decades.


The aluminum map looks sleek, smooth, and modern. It has a high-gloss surface, which gives it deep colors, high contrast, and vibrancy. Under good lighting, this map is truly eye-catching.

Aluminum prints are becoming more and more popular in landscape photography galleries. They also make a map look great!

What is an aluminum map?

Our aluminum maps are printed using a dye sublimation technique. The map is first printed onto a transfer paper, which is then adhered to a pre-treated piece of aluminum and placed into a heat press. Under heat and pressure, the dyes from the transfer paper transform from a solid directly to a gas and are pressed into the surface of the metal.

The thin, rigid piece of aluminum hangs on the wall with a recessed float mount. It stands ½” off the wall and appears to be floating.

Caring for aluminum maps

The aluminum is our most resilient option. We spilled a beer on one and after wiping it clean it still looked like new! It’s also scratch-resistant, but we wouldn’t recommend testing your luck too often.

Try to avoid placing it in direct sunlight, to maintain longevity.

Loose Print

This is our do-it-yourself option. Our other options are all ready to hang on your wall when you take them out of the box. With the loose print you’ll need to frame it yourself. We recommend taking the print to your local framer to discuss options for frames, glazings, mattes, and backings.

We believe the loose prints look best with either a dark wood or black frame, a white matte, and a glare-resistant glazing (though this can get expensive).

Our loose prints have a matte look which lets them look their best in a wide range of lighting conditions.

What is a loose print?

These maps are printed on a matte photographic paper on a chromogenic printer. This is a versatile paper that can look great in many different rooms.

Caring for loose print maps

The durability of the loose print is determined by the framing options you choose.

The amount of clarity and detail is amazing. Their maps give you an unbelievable birds-eye view that jumps out of the frame. These maps are quite literally fine works of art.
Ed Viesturs

Can't Decide?

If you like a more glossy and eye-catching look, choose the acrylic or the aluminum. If you like a more natural and understated look, choose the wood or loose print.

If you’ll be displaying the map in a room with big and bright windows near the map, you should probably go with the wood option. Its matte finish avoids distracting reflections. If you have a room that has good lighting options, the acrylic and aluminum prints can really stun.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re confident that you’re going to love your map. We offer a full refund on any map you aren’t happy with within 30 days of receipt. And the return shipping is on us.

We will replace any map that has been damaged in transit at no charge.