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Our Reviews

Ramble was founded in 2020 and we started collecting reviews in August. What follows are all of the reviews we've received since then.

Gorgeous Grand Canyon Map

This image is beautiful and allows for accurate visual assessment of the terrain in the Grand Canyon area. I purchased this as a gift for my geologist husband who is one of the primary geologic mappers of this incredible terrain. Needless to say, this beautiful, ready to hang map is right over his desk as a daily inspiration. Though many lift their eyes to the 'hills from whence cometh their strength'--- some look to canyons! What's YOUR place??!!
Laura C.
16" by 24" — Aluminum
October 18, 2020

Works of Art

I have the Mt. Rainier map mounted on aluminum hung in my main hallway and it stops people in their tracks when they pass by. I highly recommend Ramble Maps to add to your own collection or as a gift to someone that embraces the outdoors.
Ed Viesturs
24" by 48" — Aluminum
September 24, 2020


This map is so amazing. The contours are so detailed and vary with the light. It’s almost alive looking. My husband has been hiking the 48 peaks over 4000’, so I gave this to him for a gift. He loves it!
Tami B.
24" by 18" — Face-Mounted Acrylic
September 13, 2020

Just as advertised. Couldn't be more pleased!

This is one of those times when the product as advertised is exactly the product as delivered. The map looks great on my study wall and I love just looking at it.
Jeffrey P.
24" by 18" — Wood Mounted
October 20, 2020

Top Notch!

The map looked just as expected from photos online, but was also packaged impeccably for transport. I was so impressed that this unframed artwork shipped flat and very well protected from any potential shipping mishaps. Great company and unique product - thank you!
Mike R.
16" by 24" — Loose Print (no longer available)
October 18, 2020

The Perfect Gift!

I am beyond thrilled with the Ramble Map I purchased for my husband! The area of the map I purchased was particularly sentimental for our family and I couldn’t be more blown away by the quality and craftsmanship!
Also, Ramble Maps has the BEST customer service I’ve ever come across!!! Thank you Ramble Maps! I look forward to my next purchase from your wonderful company!
Erin S.
18" by 36" — Aluminum
September 17, 2020

Attention to detail

The print on aluminum looks great. The mounting option is great as well, as it provides depth from the wall. Print is super high gloss, so it almost appears glass-like.
Product was ordered, created, and shipped in an extremely efficient manner. I will consider purchasing the Adams print in the future.
Christian A.
24" by 32" — Aluminum
September 14, 2020

Beautiful and one of a kind

My brother got me this map to celebrate my completion of the Colorado trail earlier this year. The details are stunning; I feel like I could look at it for hours. He got the kind printed on metal and it is really striking. I have it hanging up behind me in my office so everyone sees it while I'm on zoom--I love showing it off.
Mikaela O.
18" by 24" — Aluminum
September 25, 2020


Fantastic and stunning 40x30 California map on metal. It is beautiful and an inspiration to this California backpacker.
Scott B.
40" by 30" — Aluminum
September 8, 2020

Best Zoom Background Ever!

We absolutely love our Cascade Range Ramble map. It looks beautiful up on the wall in our office.
After living in the PNW for 5 years, it's such an incredible daily reminder of all our favorite mountains and adventures. The spine of the Cascades is so well articulated and we love that each of the volcanoes pops out at you. They are all so uniquely shaped and this map shows them to perfection.
Grace H.
40" by 30" — Aluminum
October 24, 2020

Mount Mansfield and Stowe Map

The map is incredible. The level of detail lets you pick out lines, landmarks and features that you ski or hike on. I have even discovered back-county lines from looking at it.
It's more than a map though, its a beautiful piece of art that really stands out (literally and figuratively) from all my other art. I have gotten tons of 'Whoa! Is that Stowe!? That's awesome! Oh look, there's (fill in trail, line, feature here).' from people seeing it for the first time.
Heath H.
16" by 24" — Aluminum
October 25, 2020

Favorite piece of art I own

I often find myself just staring at my map of Mt. mansfield, blown away by the detail on this beautiful piece of art. I can't wait to have a house full of Ramble Maps reminding me of my favorite places on earth. Well done.
Ben S.
16" by 24" — Aluminum
October 23, 2020

Mt. Adams

LOVE IT! Brings me right back to the two successful summits I've done on this mountain and makes me realize how big an accomplishment it was.
Michelle L.
12" by 24" — Loose Print (no longer available)
September 21, 2020

I asked for Olympus Mons

When ramble posted a list of mountains, I complained that they didn't have Olympus Mons. They got back to me and said it was a good idea, and I suggest they reach out to the jpl art department, which does publicity collaborations for space projects. I don't know whether they reached out, but I do know that they delivered within a month. I have not yet decided where to hang my piece, but I am a very impressed with it.
Philip R.
12" by 24" — Aluminum
October 11, 2020


We find ourselves looking at this all the time. We can’t actually tell where things are cause there are no roads or landmarks. We are buying them for every house we have in each state!
Patrick E.
32" by 24" — Aluminum
October 3, 2020

Washington Aluminum

Outstanding. Love it. Thanks!
James W.
16" by 24" — Aluminum
October 1, 2020

Some Recommendations

I would prefer that the west side of the state not be shaded as dark as it is. Also, I live just north of the California border (in Oregon), and would prefer that that border area not be shaded dark, or at least not as dark as it is.
Polly S.
18" by 24" — Loose Print (no longer available)
September 16, 2020

perfect addition to our mudroom

we had a big, blank wall in our mudroom, and we were looking for something make it more appealing. we wanted something that would fill the space nicely, but also have some meaning. you can see mt mansfield from our house, and we like to go there to hike and ski, so a ramble map fit the bill perfectly! we got the metal framing, and it's amazing. you can stare at the details for hours!
Dan D.
18" by 36" — Aluminum
August 19, 2020

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