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Ramble was founded in 2020 and we started collecting reviews in August. What follows are all of the reviews we've received since then.

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Average: 4.92 (of 92)


I'm a b/w landscape photographer, so fairly picky about details. We chose the acrylic version of this map, and it's truly impressive: super sharp, with plenty of contrast. Even though the map is built from topo and other data, it looks like a well-lit photo. Having the light appear to come from the north really highlights the river canyons on the west slope of the Sierra. The underwater details of Lake Tahoe are another nice touch. We live in the area covered by this map, so it is very personal to us.
John K.
24" by 18" — Face-Mounted Acrylic
March 22, 2021

Great Product

I got this as a gift for my dad, who is IMPOSSIBLE to buy gifts for. He's the kind of guy who reads the Maine atlas for fun, and he was blown away by the detail in this rendering. The aluminum background, with the built-in standoff from the wall is a really nice touch too. He immediately hung it up in the most prominent spot in the house.
Kevin H.
24" by 18" — Aluminum
March 16, 2021

Works of Art

I have the Mt. Rainier map mounted on aluminum hung in my main hallway and it stops people in their tracks when they pass by. I highly recommend Ramble Maps to add to your own collection or as a gift to someone that embraces the outdoors.
Ed Viesturs
24" by 48" — Aluminum
September 24, 2020

Perfect Addition to Our Ski House

We were looking for the perfect piece to go over our bed that represents Vermont. Nothing better than a picture of Mt. Snow and Haystack to fit there.
Marten V.
24" by 36" — Wood Mounted
March 16, 2021


The detail, quality and framing are exceptional. We couldn’t be happier with our new artwork.
Allan M.
32" by 24" — Wood Mounted
March 12, 2021

Beautiful piece!

So much fine detail on this map it truly is a work of art. I love the floating 'Frame'. Great job Ramble making such a unique and awesome product!
Marianne R.
16" by 24" — Aluminum
February 24, 2021

Great conversation piece, incredible details

We've got the Mad River Resorts map displayed prominently at the Featherbed Inn in Waitsfield, Vermont. Our guests love to study it and share their ski stories. The detail and clarity are incredible. We are so glad we purchased this!
Karen R.
18" by 36" — Aluminum
March 6, 2021

Gorgeous detail

Love my new map of my home state of Maine. This view is like a geologic history, showing clearly where the glaciers receded leaving large river system, the rocky coast and the tail end of the Appalachian Trail at Katahdin. Love this rendition of Maine.
Michael B.
32" by 24" — Aluminum
February 28, 2021

Exactly as described

This map is full of detail that 'pops' differently in each light as the day progresses. Already a conversation piece, I keep a laser pointer nearby so I can point out locations and features. I was initially hesitant about the price, but it has proven to be well worth the money.
Gael M.
40" by 30" — Wood Mounted
February 16, 2021

This was a great gift!

I had been looking at the Ramble Maps for several months, thinking my son and daughter in law would like one, and I finally took the plunge and got them the Mad River Valley Terrain map. I peeked at it before I gave it, and loved it. And when they opened it, they also were super enthusiastic about it, and hung it right away! The map is really lovely, and someday maybe I will get one for me! Thanks especially for the help getting the map to me in time for my son's birthday! That was really special. Five Stars to Ramble!
Evergreen E.
12" by 24" — Aluminum
March 18, 2021

Stunning Map

I got it for my built in bookshelf and it really makes the space looks amazing.
Eric T.
16" by 24" — Wood Mounted
March 30, 2021

Loving my MSH map

My husband gave me Ramble's Mt. St. Helen's map for a holiday gift. It's stunning! The topography is breath taking and the aluminum mounting is really unique. What a way to remember and study this unique place. If you love a map lover, they'll love this map!
Beverley W, Professor of Geography, University of Vermont
Beverley W.
24" by 32" — Aluminum
December 30, 2020

Beautiful centerpiece over our mantel!

We love our shiny new centerpiece - it’s perfect above our mantel. We chose the aluminum map, which really picks up the light and highlights the elevation changes. It came well packaged, arrived quickly and was very easy to install. I would highly recommend Ramble Maps!
Camille P.
40" by 30" — Aluminum
February 2, 2021

The Contrast is Striking

There isn’t a better showcase of the Olympic Peninsula out there. This map does such a great job at highlighting both the mountains and the river canyons with its focus on dramatizing the region’s contrasting elevations. I had an issue with the map’s shipping, and Matt replied within TEN MINUTES on a weekend and took care of everything immediately. This is definitely a business worth supporting in the future!
Bryce F.
24" by 32" — Aluminum
February 2, 2021


This map blew us away. We've been staring at it obsessively since we received it as a gift. The quality is top notch and the detail is incredible. It was packaged meticulously with no damages to the wooden frame or map.
Being able to see all of our mountain ranges in this way is really cool. My husband is a mountain guide in Idaho (and geology enthusiast), so he has loved staring at this map and getting a visual of the geological history of how the mountains, deserts, and valleys were formed in Idaho (i.e. a curved valley indicates a mountain range formed by a glacier... stuff like that). The detailed geology of the map can even show how weather patterns have affected parts of the state differently. Plus, you can point out all the rad places you've backcountry skiied over the years...and then see all the places you still want to explore!
Anyways, if you are a geology geek, weather geek, or mountain geek, you will love these maps.
Michele P.
32" by 24" — Wood Mounted
December 29, 2020


Perfect fit, perfectly beautiful. These are really clever and stunning pieces.
Russ L.
24" by 36" — Face-Mounted Acrylic
March 25, 2021


Beautifully rendered map. We love it. To be sure, they are expensive. But in this case, you truly get what you pay for.
Brian K
40" by 30" — Aluminum
February 9, 2021


A unique and stunning 'map'!
Miren S.
32" by 24" — Aluminum
March 12, 2021


Love the map! Looks amazing in the space and gives you context of the state to its surrounding area, which is a cool aspect.
Daniel G.
40" by 30" — Face-Mounted Acrylic
March 16, 2021

I love it

The detail is amazing. Needs good light to truly shine. I'm investing in some.
Cam T.
40" by 30" — Aluminum
February 28, 2021

The big picture

Looks awesome and elegant!
John A.
32" by 24" — Wood Mounted
April 13, 2021

Ramble Jay Peak

Impressive and a conversational piece...first time viewers give a 'WOW' and deservedly so. It fits perfectly in our ski home, love it!
David B.
24" by 36" — Wood Mounted
January 7, 2021

US Map

The map is terrific. It’s design is unique and shows off its topography. It gives it almost a 3D look.
Neil B.
30" by 45" — Face-Mounted Acrylic
April 12, 2021

Mansfield Region Map

I am delighted by the quality of this map. I got it for my husband as a gift and as soon as he opened it we spent nearly an hour with our kids pointing out spots where we’ve hiked, skied, etc. I chose the wood backing and it is solid and rustic in appearance- as promised. A truly interesting and unique addition to our home.
Elizabeth H.
12" by 24" — Wood Mounted
November 17, 2020

Champlain Valley Map

We are so happy with our map of the Champlain Valley! It hangs in our mud room so we see it as soon as we walk in the house. Its the perfect addition!
Kendra G.
24" by 18" — Wood Mounted
April 6, 2021

Missing California

Arrived in perfect order, very well boxed. Opened to relieve a wonderful clear, sharp capture of my home state. Showed some of my new neighbors and each and every one of them was blown away by this piece. This is a great addition to my wall art. So, so glad I have this piece...
Richard D.
40" by 30" — Aluminum
February 2, 2021

He loves it!

Bought the Yellowstone Park map for my sweetie, never having seen it in person. Fortunately, it is great! The detail clearly shows every feature. It’s exactly as your website states - lightweight aluminum and easy to hang. Thank you for such an excellent piece!
Rosalie W.
40" by 30" — Aluminum
January 1, 2021

Awesome Maps!

I purchased the Colorado map and the pictures don't do it justice! The details in the map are amazing and it looks like there are actual ridges and contours. Also, the customer service is out of this world. I plan to purchase more maps.
Thank you Matt.
Patrick S.
30" by 40" — Aluminum
November 9, 2020


I bought this for my wife's birthday. She is an avid NH hiker. She has hiked all 48 4000 footers (multiple times) and is currently 60% of the way through redlining.
She was amazed by the contrast and instantly broke out her hiking maps and google maps and started to locate her favorite mountains.
We have it hung where we can see it all the time.
We received the map during the pre-holiday rush and UPS wasn't as gentle with the package as they normally would have been, so there was damage to the map. I sent an email to Ramble customer service on a Sunday and received a very quick response from Matt, within an hour. I was expecting a form response with a 'we will get back to you with in 24-48 hours', but actually got a human. Matt quickly told me how he would have a new map shipped with extra shipping material to protect the map.
Within a week or so we got our new pristine map and couldn't be happier with the quality of the map or the responsiveness of the company.
And just to cap the whole thing off, when UPS delivered the new map, we watched them deliver it to our neighbor, while we got the package meant for them. After UPS left, I quickly went over and exchanged the packages.
Thank you Ramble.
Randy G.
40" by 30" — Aluminum
February 1, 2021

Tennessee Map

I am super impressed with this map - especially the mounting. It comes ready to hang - completely. I am ready to order my next one - you cant go wrong. These maps work as detailed and informative map, and at a distance as a piece of art.
David B.
12" by 24" — Wood Mounted
February 8, 2021

Adirondack Great Range Map

This was a gift for my son as we had hiked this range many years ago. The simplicity of presentation, clarity and craftsmanship are top notch. He was impressed. Thank you!
Matthew W.
12" by 24" — Aluminum
January 7, 2021

Eye Catcher

Our map is definitely an eye-catcher in our home. I have it hanging on a wall at eye level in the living room near a corner that leads to bedrooms and bathrooms. It's a great spot for this map in terms of traffic and light. I opted for the wood-mounted map, but I think the aluminum or acrylic would also be great looking in our contemporary style home. We gave the same map to our map-loving friend for Christmas because he loves ours so much.
Darin M.
24" by 18" — Wood Mounted
December 7, 2020

Absolutely beautiful

My husband LOVES maps, and when I finally got to see this opened on Christmas, I was surprised by the detail. We got the resin-covered one, and it's just gorgeous. He's already looking at other ranges to buy. :)
Verana L.
18" by 36" — Face-Mounted Acrylic
January 4, 2021

Great Product!

We gave this as a gift to avid skiers and residents of Little Cottonwood Canyon and they absolutely loved it. Will certainly buy more of these unique distinctive maps in the future.
Jonathan P.
16" by 24" — Aluminum
December 29, 2020

Home Office Capstone

My Ramble USA map was a great finishing touch to my renovated home office. It blends great with my black and gray highlights desk and gray herringbone sofa. People's eyes go straight for the map. And the questions come rapid fire. I know some of the answers and wing the rest. Ramble On!
Craig E.
24" by 36" — Aluminum
November 27, 2020

Love it

Artfully packed, as beautiful as expected, with solid hanging bracket attached. It calls for a prominent wall with good flood lighting.
Jay J.
32" by 24" — Face-Mounted Acrylic
December 19, 2020


This map is so amazing. The contours are so detailed and vary with the light. It’s almost alive looking. My husband has been hiking the 48 peaks over 4000’, so I gave this to him for a gift. He loves it!
Tami B.
24" by 18" — Face-Mounted Acrylic
September 13, 2020

Quality is Extremely Professional

I love the presentation and the quality of it. My first reaction was, "Wow!" As a photographer I know it's hard to see a sample online and then grasp how it translates to the finished printed product, but the quality of the print is extremely professional. I was also blown away by how sturdy the mounting was and there's nothing flimsy or low quality about it. When I explained it to my wife before hand she thought it sounded like a cool print, but then in person she was likewise very surprised with the quality.
The detail is every bit as impressive printed as it was in the image files online. You can even make out individual tree species in the beaver ponds south of Mount Mansfield in the print I got. The resolution has to be extremely high to get the level of detail shown and the shading makes it easy to see even very small terrain changes. The detail in the forest is the best part though, with the color showing even different stands of trees that vary in short distances.
The quality is very high. Crisp lines on everything, nothing even close to blurry or smeared borders. The wood mounting is solid! That is one heck of sturdy mount. Gives it a nice 2-3 inch barrier from wall as well.
Mt Mansfield looks as good as it always does. It is front and center in the image, showing all the drainages that cascade down off the ridgeline, along with the ski trails. Almost looks like a straight satellite image with how detailed it is.
Some of the drainages flow slightly differently than I thought in person. It's a very cool way to visualize how water moves down the flanks of Vermont's highest peak.
Mansfield is a special place to me, so it's great to be able to see it in this new medium on a daily basis in my living room.
Scott Braaten
16" by 24" — Wood Mounted
March 20, 2020

Mad River Valley Map

Purchased for my son who grew up skiing in the Mad River Valley. He loves it.
I so appreciate your excellent customer service in replacing the original map that arrived damaged during shipping.
Lucy V.
18" by 36" — Aluminum
February 3, 2021


It was stunning when we unwrapped it. I just wished I could have afforded a bigger version so the detail was larger. But it is wonderful and she is totally happy with the incredible piece of art. She says it’s perfect for her office!!
Steve V.
24" by 18" — Aluminum
December 31, 2020

Best gift this year!

This was such a fun and unique gift this Christmas. Already shopping for the next map to start our collection.
Thank you!
Julie S.
32" by 24" — Aluminum
December 26, 2020


The high resolution and contrast of this image is both aesthetically and intellectually pleasing to behold.
Christopher W.
24" by 18" — Aluminum
December 11, 2020

Sweet Map!

Our map looks great! My wife was surprised and loves it!
Andrew S.
24" by 18" — Wood Mounted
January 10, 2021

Gorgeous Grand Canyon Map

This image is beautiful and allows for accurate visual assessment of the terrain in the Grand Canyon area. I purchased this as a gift for my geologist husband who is one of the primary geologic mappers of this incredible terrain. Needless to say, this beautiful, ready to hang map is right over his desk as a daily inspiration. Though many lift their eyes to the 'hills from whence cometh their strength'--- some look to canyons! What's YOUR place??!!
Laura C.
16" by 24" — Aluminum
October 18, 2020


Hi res, beautifully mounted, great service. Thank you!
Anthony A.
24" by 48" — Aluminum
January 4, 2021

Custom Tahoe Map

Map is fantastic, I made a special request to have it mounted horizontally and the team at Ramble made it happen. Thank you for your help!
Paul H.
40" by 30" — Wood Mounted
January 2, 2021

Great Service

Been meaning to write this review for a while. I ordered a map for a buddy that climbed Denali, but it never showed up. Matt at Ramble was awesome. He answered my email within minutes, contacted Fedex and (in the end) made sure my buddy got his Xmas present.
My buddy very, very happy with the map and I was really happy with the service.
Amazon would have screwed me. And Matt took care of everything.
Support small businesses! They care about their customers!
Lewis M.
12" by 24" — Wood Mounted
February 2, 2021

Love it

We love this map and are planning to get another one. The only thing I would change (if I could) is that the map produces a glare from the hallway light. But we love it and can't wait to get another one!
Sarah D.
24" by 36" — Aluminum
March 14, 2021


Recipient loved the gift. These maps are incredibly detailed. Beautifully mounted.
Anthony A.
24" by 18" — Aluminum
January 4, 2021


The level of detail is amazing.
Taylor H.
18" by 24" — Aluminum
December 27, 2020


Superbly detailed map of one of my favorite states. I can make out exact locations that I am familiar with. Nice to add to my Ramble collection.
Ron G.
24" by 18" — Aluminum
December 26, 2020

Amazing Detail!

Very nice maps with great detail. Now I need to buy one for myself.
Kenneth W.
24" by 18" — Aluminum
December 27, 2020

Aesthetically pleasing detail

State map offers detailed geographical resolution, in the acrylic version
Phillip M.
32" by 24" — Face-Mounted Acrylic
December 18, 2020

Utah Aluminum

Beautiful map. Superb detail of topography. I'm collecting all of my favorite states.
Ron G.
32" by 24" — Aluminum
December 5, 2020

Just as advertised. Couldn't be more pleased!

This is one of those times when the product as advertised is exactly the product as delivered. The map looks great on my study wall and I love just looking at it.
Jeffrey P.
18" by 24" — Wood Mounted
October 20, 2020

Glacier Peak - beautiful!

Given as a gift, the Glacier Peak map is simply beautiful. The resolution and sharp detail draw your eye!
Customer service was exceptional.
Janet R.
24" by 18" — Aluminum
November 27, 2020

Top Notch!

The map looked just as expected from photos online, but was also packaged impeccably for transport. I was so impressed that this unframed artwork shipped flat and very well protected from any potential shipping mishaps. Great company and unique product - thank you!
Mike R.
16" by 24" — Loose Print (no longer available)
October 18, 2020

The Perfect Gift!

I am beyond thrilled with the Ramble Map I purchased for my husband! The area of the map I purchased was particularly sentimental for our family and I couldn’t be more blown away by the quality and craftsmanship!
Also, Ramble Maps has the BEST customer service I’ve ever come across!!! Thank you Ramble Maps! I look forward to my next purchase from your wonderful company!
Erin S.
18" by 36" — Aluminum
September 17, 2020

Attention to detail

The print on aluminum looks great. The mounting option is great as well, as it provides depth from the wall. Print is super high gloss, so it almost appears glass-like.
Product was ordered, created, and shipped in an extremely efficient manner. I will consider purchasing the Adams print in the future.
Christian A.
24" by 32" — Aluminum
September 14, 2020

Beautiful and one of a kind

My brother got me this map to celebrate my completion of the Colorado trail earlier this year. The details are stunning; I feel like I could look at it for hours. He got the kind printed on metal and it is really striking. I have it hanging up behind me in my office so everyone sees it while I'm on zoom--I love showing it off.
Mikaela O.
18" by 24" — Aluminum
September 25, 2020

Maine Map Aluminum

Very clear, requires good lighting, and has a reflective look to it, so no direct light, but a well lit room.
It will brighten up any wall and attract onlookers, tell them not to touch, easy to hang too.
Jason C.
32" by 24" — Aluminum
February 2, 2021


Fantastic and stunning 40x30 California map on metal. It is beautiful and an inspiration to this California backpacker.
Scott B.
40" by 30" — Aluminum
September 8, 2020

Best Zoom Background Ever!

We absolutely love our Cascade Range Ramble map. It looks beautiful up on the wall in our office.
After living in the PNW for 5 years, it's such an incredible daily reminder of all our favorite mountains and adventures. The spine of the Cascades is so well articulated and we love that each of the volcanoes pops out at you. They are all so uniquely shaped and this map shows them to perfection.
Grace H.
40" by 30" — Aluminum
October 24, 2020

The map is incredible

The level of detail lets you pick out lines, landmarks and features that you ski or hike on. I have even discovered back-county lines from looking at it.
It's more than a map though, its a beautiful piece of art that really stands out (literally and figuratively) from all my other art. I have gotten tons of 'Whoa! Is that Stowe!? That's awesome! Oh look, there's (fill in trail, line, feature here).' from people seeing it for the first time.
Heath H.
16" by 24" — Aluminum
October 25, 2020

Favorite piece of art I own

I often find myself just staring at my map of Mt. mansfield, blown away by the detail on this beautiful piece of art. I can't wait to have a house full of Ramble Maps reminding me of my favorite places on earth. Well done.
Ben S.
16" by 24" — Aluminum
October 23, 2020

Mt. Adams

LOVE IT! Brings me right back to the two successful summits I've done on this mountain and makes me realize how big an accomplishment it was.
Michelle L.
12" by 24" — Loose Print (no longer available)
September 21, 2020

I asked for Olympus Mons

When ramble posted a list of mountains, I complained that they didn't have Olympus Mons. They got back to me and said it was a good idea, and I suggest they reach out to the jpl art department, which does publicity collaborations for space projects. I don't know whether they reached out, but I do know that they delivered within a month. I have not yet decided where to hang my piece, but I am a very impressed with it.
Philip R.
12" by 24" — Aluminum
October 11, 2020


We find ourselves looking at this all the time. We can’t actually tell where things are cause there are no roads or landmarks. We are buying them for every house we have in each state!
Patrick E.
32" by 24" — Aluminum
October 3, 2020

CO River Basin

Love it, it looks great in my home, I never get tired of looking at it!
Gary, D.
40" by 30" — Aluminum
November 20, 2020

Georgia Elevation Map

Love it - great conversation piece for my office!
Chris S.
40" by 30" — Aluminum
November 10, 2020

Love it. Very cool.

Richard C.
36" by 18" — Aluminum
November 18, 2020

Outstanding. Love it. Thanks!

James W.
16" by 24" — Aluminum
October 1, 2020

Beautiful and Thought Provoking

So much incredible detail you can truly stare at it for hours. Everyone who walks into our house always comments on our ramble and asks where we got it. Customer service was also great with any questions I had on specific maps and the different printing options they offer. Excited for a great ski season exploring our local mountains!
Dave R.
16" by 24" — Wood Mounted
November 9, 2020

Love it!

Peggy L.
24" by 18" — Aluminum
January 12, 2021

Lake Champlain Valley - Modified

Beautiful map as are all the Ramble maps. Like the modified version I got which shows the immediate lake area detail better. Thanks much.
Ron G.
32" by 24" — Aluminum
January 19, 2021

Generally very pleased

Beautiful and practical. As a backcountry skier, I really appreciate having the trail networks on this map. Its makes it easier to to decipher location relativity. It would be really cool if it came with a digital file showing topographic lines as well. Then you could really locate off trail areas with precision (exact elevation is missing from the map but I understand why, as it would likely detract from the aesthetic value).Two things of note regarding the trails on the map.1. Oddly the Long Trail, and the Catamount Trail are abruptly cut off about 8 and 5 inches respectively from the left side edge of the map. Not sure if this is just on mine or is the case on all. Either way, it is the only point of contention that I have with an otherwise excellent piece of art.
2. The CHNSA trails that stretch up into the saddle between Bald Hill and Crows Foot are not 100% accurate. The map shows a straight trail and a switchback trail. There is only a switchback trail for part of this stretch. minor detail - far less noticeable. And to be fair, that area has seen some noticeable changes in recent years.
David B.
24" by 36" — Wood Mounted
February 4, 2021

Miss. Map

The map looks very nice. I was really impressed with the detail and wood placement of the map. The process of shipping and steps taken to protect the package was very impressive as well. Very pleased and satisfied in Madison Mississippi.
Adam J.
24" by 18" — Wood Mounted
February 1, 2021


The only problem I had was one corner was bent. Probably during shipping. It is hung and looks great.
Note from Ramble: We will gladly replace any map damaged during shipment.
David L.
18" by 36" — Aluminum
January 31, 2021

Love this piece

For our new home in Sun Valley, I ordered the Idaho map. My husband loves it and I know our guests will appreciate seeing the geography of this beautiful state.
Teressa K.
24" by 18" — Face-Mounted Acrylic
January 28, 2021

Incredible service

After I left a review about a bent map, they reached out to me and offered to send a replacement. They did not even require that I send the existing map back! I can't help but be amazed at this.
Thank you, Matt!
Vasily I.
24" by 36" — Aluminum
January 28, 2021

Love the map; choose the material carefully

I have the 40" x 30" Acrylic, which is great, though I wish I had paid more attention to the materials page that warns about reflections. Now that I have it installed the reflections of my light fixtures are stronger than I was expecting. Still looks great though.
David S.
40" by 30" — Face-Mounted Acrylic
January 15, 2021

Tom L.
18" by 24" — Loose Print (no longer available)
November 4, 2020

New York Map

Love it overall. Wish some of the lakes stood out more (darker/more contrast).
Jay Y.
18" by 24" — Aluminum
November 23, 2020

Some Recommendations

I would prefer that the west side of the state not be shaded as dark as it is. Also, I live just north of the California border (in Oregon), and would prefer that that border area not be shaded dark, or at least not as dark as it is.
Polly S.
18" by 24" — Loose Print (no longer available)
September 16, 2020

perfect addition to our mudroom

we had a big, blank wall in our mudroom, and we were looking for something make it more appealing. we wanted something that would fill the space nicely, but also have some meaning. you can see mt mansfield from our house, and we like to go there to hike and ski, so a ramble map fit the bill perfectly! we got the metal framing, and it's amazing. you can stare at the details for hours!
Dan D.
18" by 36" — Aluminum
August 19, 2020

Absolutely beautiful!

Courtney L.
32" by 24" — Wood Mounted
December 4, 2020

Very nice

Ross R.
24" by 36" — Aluminum
March 4, 2021

Beautiful but bent corner

The map is beautiful. I got the largest size. Unfortunately the bottom left corner arrived bent, which mars the otherwise perfect map. It’s too much trouble after Christmas and everything 2020 to send back or spend the energy to fix. Trying to bend it back myself will likely make it worse. So, 5 stars for a beautiful map, 1 star for damaged product.
Note from Ramble: We replaced Phyllis' map after learning about the damage. We will replace any map damaged during shipment, just email us at to let us know and we'll take care of the rest.
Phyllis G.
40" by 30" — Aluminum
January 1, 2021

Stefan L.
24" by 18" — Face-Mounted Acrylic
December 15, 2020

Very nice

Doug B.
12" by 24" — Wood Mounted
November 2, 2020


I have not seen this in person. It appears to be more detailed than your Michigan map.
I give it a low rating, only because I was so disappointed in the Michigan one. And, I probably should have ordered one Sugarbush map and one VT map.
C'est la vie.
I doubt I'll order any more
Tamme H.
24" by 18" — Aluminum
December 7, 2020


I was disappointed. I never saw it, because it had not been posted at the time I decided to purchase it. It is certainly high quality, but barely any detail - which I had assumed would be there.
I have not seen the VT map, not until XMas at my daughter's. The Sugarbush map I probably should have gotten for my son.
Tamme H.
24" by 18" — Aluminum
December 7, 2020

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