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We're on a mission to show the beauty of the landscape as best we can. Based out of Burlington, Vermont.

Brian Holdefehr

Brian Holdefehr

Brian is a former Google engineer and an amateur photographer. A longtime hiker, he's recently picked up backcountry skiing and rock climbing and loves exploring the canyon country of Southern Utah.

Brian's favorite map is Mount St. Helens because of the composition and geological diversity.

Matt Parrilla

Matt Parrilla

An avid backcountry-skier and mountain biker, Matt has built his career at the intersection of data and design. He's worked as a robotics engineer integrating sensor data for mapping the sea floor, as a data visualization artist at a local museum, and as a newsroom developer making charts and interactives.

Matt's favorite map is of his home mountains, the Mount Mansfield Region Map.

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