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New York City

New York City

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These are map prints, not 3D models.

When we create a Ramble map, our goal is to show the beauty of the landscape as best we can. We want you to see the hills, valleys, rivers, and transitions between ecosystems. Each map shows something unique. Each area has something surprising, even to those who know it well.

About This Map

This map is a 2-dimensional print that is ready to hang right out of the box on a backing that will float it off the wall, giving it a nice shadow like in our pictures.

Our map combines satellite imagery and high resolution elevation data to show New York City in vivid color and stunning detail.

Estimated Arrival

Each map is made to order in the USA and will arrive in 1 to 3 weeks.

Ramble Reviews


Kudos to Ramble for the quality of the padding and packaging, the timeliness of delivery, the production quality of the map, and most of all for the artistry of the cartography. Handsome from across the room, the map becomes more intriguing the closer you get to it. I've spent hours absorbed in it, tracing the trails I've hiked in the canyons, identifying favorite places in the Valley, and plotting travel routes. My only regret: I should have ordered the largest size instead of the smallest.
David H.
18" by 24" — Aluminum
November 5, 2021


Incredible detail, great quality, arrived in perfect condition. Looks great on the wood. Super easy to hang. Very happy with my purchase!
Nicholas K.
32" by 24" — Wood Mounted
August 31, 2022
The detail, quality, and mounting are exceptional. We couldn’t be happier with our new artwork.
Allan M.

Choosing A Material

Face Mounted Acrylic

This option maximizes contrast and detail, resulting in a stunning image that catches the light as you move around it.

The map is printed on metallic photographic paper and then 1/4" of acrylic glass is mounted to the front of it. It is our highest quality option.

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Wood Mounted

The wood mounted map has a rustic, understated, and classy feel to it.

This option looks great in the widest range of lighting setups. It feels the most natural and physical of all of the options. The wood mounted map has a matte finish, so it reflects less light than the other options.

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The aluminum map looks sleek, smooth, and modern. It has a high-gloss surface, which gives it deep colors, high contrast, and vibrancy. Under good lighting, this map is truly eye-catching.

This option is light weight and has a lower price than acrylic, at a slightly lower resolution.

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The detail, quality, and mounting are exceptional. We couldn’t be happier with our new artwork.
Allan M.
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