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Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens

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At 8,366 feet, Mount St. Helens is the smallest of the Cascade Volcanoes in our collection, but it is one of the most dramatic. The active stratovolcano erupted as recently as 2008, but the infamous 1980 eruption was the last major eruption and cleaved off over 1,300 feet in elevation, leaving the formerly cone shaped Mount St. Helens with a gigantic horseshoe shaped crater.

Since the explosive 1980 eruption, a new glacier has formed in the crater. Recent volcanic activity has caused a new dome to rise within the crater, splitting the glacier into two lobes which can easily be seen on the map.

Normally, geological processes unfold over millennia, but for Mount St. Helens, the story is unfolding over human lifetimes. This map is a portrait of a mountain in flux!


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Are these prints flat or 3D (they are flat!) and answers to other common questions can be found in our FAQ.

The amount of clarity and detail is amazing. Their maps give you an unbelievable birds-eye view that jumps out of the frame. These maps are quite literally fine works of art.
Ed Viesturs

Choosing A Material

Face Mounted Acrylic

This option maximizes contrast and detail, resulting in a stunning, nearly 3-D image that catches the light as you move around it.

The map is printed on metallic photographic paper and then 1/4" of acrylic glass is mounted to the front of it. It is our highest quality option.

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The aluminum map looks sleek, smooth, and modern. It has a high-gloss surface, which gives it deep colors, high contrast, and vibrancy. Under good lighting, this map is truly eye-catching.

This option is light weight and has a lower price than acrylic, at a slightly lower resolution.

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Wood Mounted

The wood mounted map has a rustic, understated, and classy feel to it.

This option looks great in the widest range of lighting setups. It feels the most natural and physical of all of the options. The wood mounted map has a matte finish, so it reflects less light than the other options.

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What Is A Ramble Map?

The Most Detailed Maps Available

Glaciers, lava flows, and fault lines. Our maps show the terrain at the limit the human eye can perceive.

We use the highest resolution data and the most detailed printing techniques to produce a more detailed map.

Gallery Quality

Our frameless maps are made using the same materials found in many of the world's top photography galleries.

They will look good and inspire for decades.

Designed To Stand Out

From options like aluminum and acrylic to wood-mounted, we've worked hard to find the perfect mediums to make our maps pop.

They draw the eye from afar and are even more interesting up close.