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The Cascade Range

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The Cascade Range

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The Cascade Range is a volcanic arc running from the north in British Columbia south into Northern California. The range is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire and is composed of 20 major volcanoes, many of which are active and near major population centers such as Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver.

Our map shows the spine of the Cascades, dotted with volcanoes as it runs north to south parallel to the Pacific Coast. While the scale of this map is massive, so is the detail. The Columbia River carves through the range from the high desert of Eastern Washington out past Portland to the ocean. You can see the river valleys of the Olympic Peninsula, the broad, flat Willamette Valley, and the many cinder cones that dot the desert surrounding Bend, Oregon.

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It's a lot of fun to get up close and spend time taking it all in, identifying known landmarks, and wondering about the spaces between.
Greg Maino, Catamount Trail Association

The Most Detailed Maps Available

The data for our maps is gathered using LiDAR sensors. This lets us resolve terrain detail down to about 2 feet wide, which is 9x better than existing maps.

The Geological World, Revealed

Our Cascade maps display the terrain, with nothing else getting in the way. You can see lava fields, glaciers, cinder cones, and other geological phenomena normally hidden from view.

Maps That Will Make Your Art Jealous

From options like aluminum and acrylic to wood-mounted, we've selected the highest quality mediums to make your map pop.